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30-day self-care challenge (+ free challenge guide!)

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Are looking for ways to up-level your self-care but you’re not sure where to start? Well here is a 30-day self-care challenge (+ a free printable calendar and worksheet) that will help you get started! Use this challenge to test out self-care ideas and see how your life changes for the better!

Practicing self-care is extremely important, yet so many of us neglect it! We live in a time where our lives are so busy that we have a hard time stopping for a minute and just taking care of ourselves. 

Consistently making time to take care of yourself is hard! We’ve all been there. We have the right intention but then life gets in the way and self-care is put on the back burner. 

Practicing self-care isn’t something we’re used to doing. It’s not part of our natural daily routine. But it should be!

Taking time out of your already busy schedule can seem difficult and this is where this 30-day challenge comes in.

Why a 30-day challenge?

Why are they effective? I find that 30-day challenges are a great way to form new habits, test new things, and see what works.

1. There’s an end date

Having an end date is a great motivator and seems much more attainable than FOREVER! Think about it, when you’re trying to change your habits (or create new ones), trying to change forever seems like such a long time! This can really demotivate you. Committing to trying something for 30 days isn’t as daunting as trying to permanently change your habits.

2. They provide structure 

The best way to implement new habits is to be consistent, especially in the beginning. Going through a 30-day challenge provides the structure that you need in the beginning. Your schedule is already set for 30 days and you’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation. 

3. They provide a way to measure your progress

They provide a way for you to track your progress as you move forward during the 30 days. You can look back and see exactly what you’ve done, what worked and what didn’t, and how far you’ve come along. If you’re just randomly implementing things each day, it’s hard to analyze the situation and really know what’s going on.

You should do a 30-day self-care challenge if:

  • You’re in need of a change
  • There is a goal you want to work toward
  • You need a kickstart to your routine
30-day self-care challenge

30-day self-care challenge

Here is a 30-day self-care challenge you can try to start making self-care part of your daily routine! I’ve provided a daily challenge but feel free to switch it up. You’ll also find a free printable calendar to help you plan your 30 days! This challenge is for you so make it something you’ll enjoy.

Let’s get started:

Day 1: Call an old friend

Is there someone you haven’t talked to in a while? Reconnect with them by calling or messaging them! Maintaining positive relationships is an excellent self-care practice!

Day 2: Meditate

Put on a guided meditation and reconnect to your inner self. Doing this for just 10 minutes can have a great impact on your mindset and your outlook for the rest of your day. 

Day 3: Clean eating day

Commit to eating only healthy food for the day. Challenge yourself to eat more organic fruits and vegetables and less processed foods for the day!

Day 4: Go for a walk in nature

Nature is a wonderful mood booster so get out of the house and go for a walk outside! Enjoy the sun, the trees, and the fresh air. Do this during your lunch break or after work as this is a great way to destress. 

Day 5: Take a bath

Need to relax and unwind? Take a hot bath and throw in some bath salts and essential oils! It’ll relax your body and your mind in no time. 

Day 6: Journal

Grab a journal and write down your thoughts and feelings. It’s a great way to connect with yourself, process what’s going on inside of you, and understand yourself better. 

If you’ve never journaled before, check out my post on How to start journaling: a beginner’s guide

Day 7: No social media day 

Take a break from social media for an entire day. I know it sounds crazy as we’ve become so addicted to our phones but trust me, you’ll feel so much better at the end of the day! You’ll notice you’ll be more in tune with what’s going on in front of you and the people around you.

Day 8: Drink your water

Keeping your body hydrated is essential for your health. Studies show that not drinking enough water impacts your energy levels and brain function. Aim to drink at least 6 to 8 cups of water throughout the day (more if you’re partaking in physical exercise). 

Day 9: Do a 10-minute morning yoga session

Start your day with a 10-minute yoga session. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a seasoned yogi to enjoy the benefits of yoga! 

There are tons of free yoga classes on youtube you can try out. Here’s my favorite one for beginners:

This is a wonderful way to wake up your mind and your body, practice mindfulness, and enjoy the moment.

Day 10: Turn off your alarm and get extra sleep

Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep is essential to your health. Let your body naturally wake-up and catch up on the sleep you’ve been missing! Obviously, this is easier done on the weekends 🙂

Day 11: Drink warm water with lemon juice

Lemons are packed with vitamins and minerals and adding it to your water is beneficial to your health! Some of the benefits of drinking lemon water include improved digestion, boosted immunity system, flushed toxins out of your body.

Today, drink a large glass of warm lemon water when you wake-up.

Day 12: Write 3 things you’re grateful for

Practicing gratitude is proven to make you a happier person, enhances your self-esteem, and reduces stress. At the end of your day, write down three things that happened to you are grateful for. Focus on the positive things and take nothing for granted.

Day 13: Say NO to what doesn’t serve you

Take a look at your commitments and obligations. Do all of them serve you or do you feel like some of them drain your energy? It’s ok to say no. In fact, it’s healthy to say no to what doesn’t serve you and make sure you’re not overloading your plate. 

Day 14: Pick and read a personal development book

I love personal development books. Some have completely changed my life and how I view the world. So set aside 30 minutes, find a quiet place, and start reading. 

Read a personal development book

Check out my top 9 best personal development books for women for inspiration! 

Day 15: Declutter your closet

Look at your closet and see if there’s anything you haven’t worn in a while. As Marie Kondo says, only keep things that spark joy! Donate clothes that are in good shape and throw away those that aren’t. 

Day 16: Set a bedtime alarm

As I mentioned before, getting enough sleep is so important to your overall health! So instead of going to bed after watching 5 episodes of your favorite Netflix show, set a bedtime alarm and go to bed when it rings! This way, you control at what time you go to bed and you’ll feel much more relaxed in the morning.

Day 17: Skip the sugar

Unfortunately, the typical American diet contains tons of sugar and this is detrimental to our health. The American Heart Association recommends no more than 9,5 teaspoons of sugar a day but Americans consume on average 22 teaspoons a day! So challenge yourself to eliminate sugar for the whole day. Replace sodas and sports drink with water, ditch the cookies, and eat your veggies!

Day 18: Move your body

Dance, run, do jumping jacks, anything that gets your body moving and your heart pumping! Ideally, you should do this early in the morning, soon after waking up to get your body energized and ready to tackle the day. Do at least 20 minutes of active exercise.

Day 19: Breathe it out

Breathing exercises have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Take 10 minutes at the beginning or end of the day to practice breathing exercises. 

Here’s a simple breathing exercise you can do:

Day 20: Learn something new

Learning keeps our brain and mind engaged. I’m sure there’s something you’ve always wanted to know how to do so take some time today to check it out! Whether it’s a new skill, a new hobby, a new language, whatever it may be, go ahead and try it!

Day 21: Cook your favorite dish

Spend some time in the kitchen to cook (and then enjoy) your favorite dish!

Day 22: Repeat positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are a wonderful way to uplift your spirits and boost your confidence. They describe how you want to feel, how you want to be and what you want to have in a way that affirms that it’s already true, or on its way to becoming true. Find 2 or 3 positive affirmations that reflect what you’d like to see more of in your life and repeat them in front of the mirror or write them down in your journal. 

If you’d like inspiration, check out 60 positive affirmations that will transform your life

Day 23: Watch an inspiring TED-talk

TED-talks are amazing. There are so many great ones out there on so many topics! Find one that resonates with you and watch it (or re-watch it).

Here are some of my favorites:

Day 24: Plan your meals for the week

Plan out what you’re going to eat for lunch and dinner for the next week. Make a grocery list and go shopping. This takes the guesswork out of preparing meals and limits the temptation to reach for that frozen pizza or go to the burger joint down the street!

Day 25: Take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the grass

Have you ever felt the urge to take off your shoes and run barefoot outside? Grounding, also called earthing, is a therapeutic technique that involves walking barefoot on the ground to electrically reconnect you to the earth. Some research suggests that grounding improves your physical health, including reducing effects tied to cardiovascular disease.

Day 26: Give thanks to someone

Being thankful and expressing gratitude does wonders for your mental and physical health. Take a moment to say thank you to someone in your life. Let them know you appreciate them. This will not only feel good for you but also for the receiver!

Day 27: Specify your goals

Write down your top three goals for the month. What would you like to achieve in the next few weeks? It’s proven that you’re more likely to accomplish your goals when you write them down, so what are you waiting for?

Specify your goals

Day 28: Watch the sunrise

Watching the sunrise is one of the most relaxing things in my opinion! It has many health benefits such as fighting depression, resetting your biological clock, improves your mood, and many more. It can be daunting to set your alarm clock so early but you’ll be so happy you did once you see the beautiful colors that light up the sky!

Day 29: Listen to a podcast

Listen to a new podcast today at lunch or on your to and/or from work. Find one that inspires and motivates you! 

Here are my favorites:

Day 30: Reflect on the past 30 days

Take this day to reflect on how you felt during these 30 days. Write down what worked, what didn’t, what surprised you, and how you felt physically, mentally, and emotionally. Did certain activities light you up? Did some make you not feel as good as you expected? 

What now?

So you’ve finished the 30-day self-care challenge, congratulations! You took time out of your busy calendar to focus on you and your needs, that’s wonderful! 

However, things don’t end here. Figure out what you can keep doing after the 30 days. What activities resonated with you? Take this opportunity to turn this challenge into a long-lasting habit of practicing self-care!


There you have, 30-day self-care challenge to practice self-care and put in place the habits that will leave you feeling good! 

Let me know how it went and what changes you’ve noticed after the 30 days! How do you feel? What activities are you going to keep doing?

‘Till next time,

XO, Calie

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  1. Oh I love this post! I am totally subscribing. I agree with what you wrote about the routine that challenges give you. You also feel motivated and accomplished when you complete it. I have been relying on challenges during this pandemic to help me feel grounded. Also, I really enjoy Yoga with Adriene. She’s great and so accessible and soothing. Great work my friend!

    Nkem | http://www.wellspringwords.love

    1. I have also been relying on routines and challenges during these weird and difficult times and it’s been a lifesaver! And yes, Yoga with Adrienne is my fave!!

    1. Thank you for sharing your closet cleanout guide! I should do this but I haven’t gotten around to it yet! Will definitely check it out!

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