Journal prompts for self-discovery
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50 journal prompts for self-discovery

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Have you started a journal to get to know yourself better, get more clarity and focus but you find it difficult to know what to say? Well, I know how you feel!

Journaling has been a key part of my journey to self-discovery and part of my morning routine. It has enabled me to understand myself more, to get through tough times, and figure out how to deal with difficult situations. 

However, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. There have been plenty of times where I just stare at a blank page and can’t for the life of me think of something to write!

That’s why I came up with 50 journal prompts for self-discovery for when I need a little inspiration!

Use these journal prompts to get the words from your mind down to paper! Don’t worry about how much you write, just start doing it.

So grab your favorite pen and your journal and let’s get started!

50 journal prompts to use on your journey to self-discovery

50 journal prompts for self-discovery

  1. How am I feeling today?
  2. How do I want to feel and what can I do to get there?
  3. What’s been on my mind lately?
  4. What are three things I am grateful for? Do this every day
  5. What intention do I want to set for the day?
  6. How did my day go what could I have done differently?
  7. What am I really good at?
  8. What are 5 things that bring a smile to my face?
  9. When am I the happiest?
  10. What does my ideal day look like?
  11. Where do I see myself in 6 months? A year? 5 years?
  12. Am I happy with my life right now?
  13. Do I enjoy my current job? Why?
  14. If money wasn’t an issue, what would I do?
  15. If I could travel anywhere in the world, where would I go?
  16. What’s my favorite personality trait?
  17. What’s my biggest achievement to date?
  18. Am I happy in my current relationship?
  19. What makes me laugh out loud?
  20. What are my limiting beliefs?
  21. List 15 positive affirmations and repeat them every day
  22. What negative mindset do I need to let go of?
  23. What am I afraid of and why?
  24. How have I grown in the last year?
  25. How would I describe myself to a stranger?
  26. What would my best friend say about me?
  27. What new hobbies would I like to try?
  28. What are my favorite hobbies?
  29. In what areas in my life am I struggling right now?
  30. What is my main goal for the year?
  31. Do I feel successful in my life?
  32. Who are my role models and why?
  33. Who do I admire most?
  34. What are 3 things I am passionate about?
  35. What advice would I give my teenage self?
  36. What’s my wildest dream?
  37. Do I compare myself to others? If yes, how does that make me feel?
  38. What does my morning routine look like and can I improve it?
  39. What habit do I need to let go of?
  40. If I could change anything about my life right now, what would it be?
  41. When do I feel stressed?
  42. What situation brings me joy? How can I do this more often?
  43. If I could be any animal, what would it be?
  44. Do other people’s opinions matter to me? Why?
  45. What’s my favorite childhood memory?
  46. When do I feel the most alive?
  47. What do I need to forgive myself for?
  48. What do I need more of in my life?
  49. How can I show kindness to my loved ones today?
  50. If I knew today was my last day on earth, how would I spend it?

There you have it, 50 journal prompts for self-discovery

Pick the ones that inspire you.

Once you’ve written your answers, go back and reflect. What surprised you? What did you learn about yourself?

Don’t hesitate to answer the same question multiple times during the year and see how your answers evolve and change. It’s a great way to see your progress on your journey to self-discovery!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these journal prompts for self-discovery and that they help you in your journaling experience! 

I’m always looking for new ideas so let me know what prompts you use in the comments!

Till next time,

XO, Calie

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